As a spunky Chinese American girl growing up, I didn't see enough creators who looked like me represented in apparel or design when shopping through the aisles and browsing online. The "Model Minority Myth" has boxed the Asian American community into stereotypes: submissive, quiet, unsocial, nerdy - but we deserve to be seen for who we really are. 

So we at AA BATTERIES are on a mission to improve representASIAN. Join us. 

Wearing AA BATTERIES means more than putting on a piece of fabric - you're supporting and energizing the future of how you think the Asian American community should be accepted.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart and

chili-oil filled stomach!

xoxo, Lea

Founder & One-Woman Team behind AA BATTERIES

aka a spunky Chinese-American gal who believes in the power of representation

"AAAsian American"
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