Note from the artist, Edith H:

Growing up in a Chinese household, my parents and I rarely said “I love you” to each other. It was something that was never said, but the feeling was silently understood and reciprocated in its own weird way.  My parents had a funny way showing me how much they loved me when I was a child; my mom would always use the phrase “I’d rather give birth to a piece of cha siu than you!” Cha siu (or char siu) is a very common barbecue pork dish that can be readily bought premade at any Chinese food market.  Its combination of smokiness and sweetness makes it a delicious meal when served with rice!  


So why did my mom compare me to a piece of cha siu?  The meaning behind this phrase revolves around the theme of uselessness.  I was useless in my mother’s eyes.  The phrase simply purports this: if my mom did give birth to a piece of cha siu, at least she can eat it.  Thus, fulfilling its purpose which was to satiate her hunger.  While this phrase came off like an insult, I grew up embracing it as a form of endearment.  It was never hurtful in my eyes.  She and I understood it as playful banter.  And I knew my mother didn’t mean it with the whole cha siu thing because she’s a vegetarian. 


Die-cut stickers in vinyl material, suitable for indoor and outdoor use



Our "The Good and The Bad with Some Rice In Between" collection in collaboration with artist, Edith H.

- a satirical take on growing up Asian -

Born to be Cha Siu!