Celebrate Asian American female icons who made HERstory with us -- 

  • Yuri Kochiyama was a lifelong activist, fighting for social justice and human rights from the 1960s until her passing in 2014.
  • Grace Lee Boggs was an American author, social activist, philosopher, and feminist. She is known for her years of political collaboration with C. L. R. James and Raya Dunayevskaya in the 1940s and 1950s. In the 1960s she and James Boggs, her husband of some forty years, took their own political direction.
  • Born in Karnal, India, Kalpana Chawla immigrated to the U.S. for college and to pursue her girlhood dream of becoming an astronaut. In 1997, Chawla made that happen, making 252 orbits of the Earth in just over two weeks as part of the Columbia crew on flight STS-87. In the process, she became the first Indian-American woman and second Indian-American person to go into space.
  • Chien-Shiung Wu, the Chinese-born, American-trained physicist worked on the Manhattan Project, which helped the United States develop the atomic bomb during World War II. She also performed game-changing experiments in physics that disproved the law of conservation of parity. In 1975, she became the first female president of the American Physical Society.

  • Patsy Mink, a third-generation Japanese-American, became the first Asian-American woman (and the first woman from an ethnic minority group) to be elected to the United States Congress in 1964. In her four decades there, she worked to amplify the voices and rights of immigrants, women and children. Mink also aggressively championed Title IX, the legislation that brought academic and athletic equity to American educational institutions.

  • Tammy Duckworth was the first Asian-American woman elected to Congress in Illinois, the first woman with a disability to be elected to Congress, the first female double amputee in the Senate ― she lost both her legs while serving as a helicopter pilot in the Iraq War ― the first senator to give birth while in office, and the first member of Congress born in Thailand.

  • Anna May Wong is known as Hollywood's first Chinese entertainment icon. The Los Angeles-born