In traditional Chinese art, the 4 Gentlemen (also referred to as the 4 Noble Ones) are a symbolic motif where each plant represents a season as well as a virtue. 


The first symbol is the plum which represents winter. Though the flower and the tree itself are not very significant in looks, the bright blossoms bloom during the harsh winter and are a harbinger that spring is on its way. It expresses inner beauty and the ability to be humble during adversity.


The second one is the orchid which represents spring. The fragile orchid embodies beauty and grace. In addition, it’s fragrance is subtle and delicate. With these traits, the orchid signifies humility and nobility. 


The third one is the bamboo which represents summer. Due to the hollowness of bamboo stalks, they stand for tolerance and open-mindedness. Furthermore, bamboo is also known for its flexibility and strength which suggests the ability to yield while not breaking.


Lastly (and also my personal favorite), chrysanthemums represent autumn. Chrysanthemums bloom during the chilly autumn and foreshadow the coming of winter. With this, it symbolizes the virtue to persevere in the face of all adversities and hardships.

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For hoodie, the design appears on the back and the front is blank (see model example)


Designed in collaboration with Chinese-American artist, Melody Wong

The 4 Gentlemen

Color: Black

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