Note from the artist, Edith H:

Growing up, my parents had a weird way of motivating me to excel in all aspects of life.  No, not with the promise of toys or money or by beating the living crap out of me.  But by comparing me to my cousins, my friends and the sons and daughters of people they know.  


I had my fair share of these comments growing up: “Oh, Auntie Linda’s son got on honour roll.  He’s so smart!” or “Uncle Sung’s daughter is such a talented musician!” and let’s not forget the “Do you remember Peter?  Your childhood friend since you were 4?  Well, Peter got accepted into McMaster for medicine!” phrase.  Even though I was constantly bombarded by this incessant hum of praise about other people’s kids, their tactic never worked on me.  Why? Because the goals of Auntie Janice’s son and Uncle Sung’s daughter and Peter weren’t my own.  Their achievements had nothing to do with me. Their successes do not make my life better or worse.  


Did it affect me at times? Of course.  I’m only human.  Did I cry because I got all B’s throughout high school? Yes.  Did I get jealous of Peter when he got into his university of choice and I didn’t?  Sure.  But I always made sure I came back around to remind myself of who I am and what I am good at.  If I spent time chasing the dreams of others, I would have no time to chase my own.  This design serves as a kind reminder to appreciate yourself, love yourself and celebrate yourself.  Everyone comes out on top at their own pace.  Everyone eventually comes out on top.


Die-cut stickers in vinyl material, suitable for indoor and outdoor use



Our "The Good and The Bad with Some Rice In Between" collection in collaboration with artist, Edith H.

- a satirical take on growing up Asian -

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